About Us

About Us

Advanced Metal Etching was founded in 1993 by Scott Seniff
and Blake Geer with the goal of providing exceptional quality
and service in precision photochemical machining. We have
grown with technology, in expertise, and experience with a
broad range of product applications, but the company’s
original goal remains the same, to provide attentive detail to
projects, customer service and to meet deadline expectations.
Our philosophy has always been to listen to our customers'
needs and then provide efficient and effective solutions.

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Quick Turnaround

Emerging technological advances have created a higher
consumer demand, which in turn forces OEMs to get products
out to market faster. With that in mind, we developed quicker
quoting and order tracking systems to reduce product cycle
time. An increase in prototyping was behind the motivation in
the development of our Parts Now program; a system
developed to move prototype parts out the door within 24

Technical Assistance

Through the years we have encountered all types of design
challenges and techniques as it pertains to different part
applications. Complex parts are our specialty. Our tooling
engineers will offer assistance with material selection and how
to achieve the lowest tolerances within our capabilities.

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Secondary Services

An increase of OEMs in the electronics and R/F microwave
industries requesting EMI and RFI shielding components
prompted us to create an in-house tin-plating line used with
copper, nickel-silver and stainless steel alloys to protect
against corrosion and preserve solderability.


Our United States Midwest location near major industrial areas
enables us to keep metals in stock and expedite delivery to
customer locations faster.

2412, 801 Gerber St, Ligonier, IN 46767

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Customer Service

For the past 25 years, our long-standing, cross-trained
employees, and relationships with qualified vendors help us to
maintain efficient operations and excellent customer service.


As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we always strive to
maintain the highest quality standards. We are investing in
the latest technologies and equipment to satisfy our growing
customer base and continue to provide exceptional quality.
Today, Advanced Metal Etching is a trusted source to
corporations domestically and internationally in many
different industries providing photo etched parts and
innovative solutions.

Inspection Equipment
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Management Team

Scott Seniff – Founder

Blake Geer – Founder

Ed Mullins – Director of Engineering

Marlie Gernhardt – Director of Quality

Faith Sievers – Admin/Customer Service

Matt Jones – Production Supervisor

Susie Morris – Director of Inspection and Final Shipment

Our Mission

Dedicated to serving our customers with part design and technical assistance, production of precision metal piece parts ranging in thicknesses of .002″ to .060″ with tightly held tolerances, and a quick turnaround on prototypes to production runs.

Our Vision

Advanced Metal Etching consistently looks for ways to provide companies with innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing industry demands of consumer trends and emerging technologies. Our goal is to become a valued extension of your business.